Landmine Monitor 2008

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Mine and ERW Casualties in 2007


Global Contamination from Mines and ERW


Deadlines for States Parties with 
Article 5 Obligations


Mine Ban Treaty Status


Use of Cluster Munitions


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Contamination Maps


-Areas contaminated by mines and UXOs in Afghanistan, MACA, March 2008.
-Regionalization of demining operations, MACA, 2008.

Chile -Mine-Affected Areas in Chile, CNAD, February 2008.

-Mined Areas, PPAICMA, April 2008.

Denmark -Mine affected areas, Danish Coastal Authority, 2008.
Congo, DR -Situation of Mines and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) in DRC, UNMACC, March 2008. 

-Mine situation – Loja province, CENDESMI/AICMA, September 2006.
-Mine situation – El Oro province, CENDESMI/AICMA, March 2005.
-Mine situation – Pastaza province, CENDESMI/AICMA, September 2006.
-Mine situation – Zamora Chinchipe province, CENDESMI/AICMA, March 2008.

Eritrea -Impacted Communities, ESCA, 2004.
-Mine Impacted Communities, SAC, 2004.
Iraq -Iraq contamination map, Iraqi Humanitarian Mine Action Agency, May 2008.
Lebanon -Mine contamination in Lebanon, LMAC, 12 April 2008.
-Mine contamination in Lebanon: CBU Strikes, LMAC, 12 April 2008.
Mauritania -Mauritania Landmine Impact Survey 2006, SAC, 2006.
Mozambique -Mozambique Minefield Status December 2007, HALO, December 2007.
Myanmar -Antipersonnel Mine Contamination Map, July 2009.
Nicaragua -Mined Areas, OAS PADCA, March 2008.
Peru -Location of dangerous areas along the northern border with Ecuador, Digedehume, May 2007.
-Identification of mined areas in the high-tension electricity towers, CONTRAMINAS, 28 March 2008.
-Identification of mined areas in national infrastructure, DIVSECOM, May 2007.
Somalia -Somalia: Phase 3: Sanaag and Sool Regions and Buuhoodle District in Toghdeer Region, SAC, June 2007.
-Somalia: Phase 2 and 3: Bari, Nugaal, Northern Mudug, Sanaag, Sool and Todgheer/Buuhoodle regions, Survey Action Center, June 2007.
-Somalia: Phase 2: Bari and Nugaal Regions and Northern Mudug Region, SAC, July 2005.
Sudan -LIS Status in Sudan as of June 2008, SAC, June 2008.
-General Threat Map, UNMAO, April 2008.
Venezuela -San Fernando de Atabapo (PNSFA), Government of Venezuela, March 2008.
-Guafitas (PNGUA), Government of Venezuela, March 2008.
-Cararabo (PNME), Government of Venezuela, March 2008.
-Puerto Páez (PNPP), Government of Venezuela, March 2008.
-Río Arauca International (PNRAI), Government of Venezuela, March 2008.
Zimbabwe -Minefields in Zimbabwe, Government of Zimbabwe, November 2007.


    Mine Ban Treaty Universalization
    Mine Ban Treaty Status Table