Landmine Monitor 2001


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The main document translations are listed in the table below, country report translations are listed by language at the bottom. 

Major Findings (0,1 Mb)  Resultats cles  Principais descobertas    Resultados Principales  
Key Developments (0,4 Mb)  Principales evolutions par regions  Principais Evoluções    Desarrollos Clave  
Executive Summary
(Includes the regional overviews)
(1 Mb) Synthèse Sumário Executivo (0,7 Mb) Resumen Vietnamese
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Country Reports

Arabic | French/Français | Portuguese | Russian | Spanish/Español | Other languages

Arabic country reports

French country reports

Portuguese country reports

Russian country reports

  • NA


Country Reports

Antigua y Barbuda - Argentina - Las Bahamas - Barbados - Belice - Bolivia - Brasil - Chile - Colombia - Costa Rica - Cuba - Dominica - República Dominicana - Ecuador - El Salvador - Estados Unidos de América - Granada - Guatemala - Guyana - Haití - Honduras - Jamaica - México - Nicaragua - Panamá - Paraguay - Perú - San Cristóbal y Nevis - Santa Lucia - Surinam - Trinidad y Tobago - Uruguay - Venezuela - San Vicente y Las Granadinas - Malvinas

Country reports in other languages

  • Belgium. Handicap International Belgium has released the Belgium country report as a separate publication in three languages: EnglishDutch/Nederlands and French/Français. These links open as Adobe PDF files, appr 0,3 Mb each. 
  • Burma (0,3 Mb) Burmese language version by Nonviolence International
    - Available as PDF/Acrobat Reader file, no Burmese fonts needed to display properly!
  • Cambodia (0,6 Mb) Khmer language version by Cambodia Campaign to Ban Landmines
    - Available as PDF/Acrobat Reader file, no Khmer fonts needed to display properly!
  • Czech Republic
  • Greece in Greek (as PDF file)