Ruth Bottomley

Research Specialist (clearance, contamination and risk education expert)

Ruth Bottomley joined the Landmine and Cluster Munitions Monitor team as a research specialist in 2019. Her research focus for the Monitor is on clearance and contamination and, since 2020 on explosive ordnance risk education.

Ruth has twenty-five years’ experience in international development and humanitarian mine action and has worked for international mine action and development organizations, national mine action centres, and with civil society organizations and communities. Her specialisms in mine action are community liaison, explosive ordnance risk education and research and survey. More broadly her work focuses on rights, gender, inclusion and accountability, particularly in relation to land, natural resources and areas impacted by conflict.

She has worked extensively in Southeast Asia, and also in other parts of Asia and Africa. She is currently based in the UK working as an independent consultant and researcher.

Location: United Kingdom
Language: English, Khmer