Landmine Monitor 2019

Published on 21 November 2019, this report is of particular significance due to it being released in our 20th year of reporting and thus contains a 20-year review with information included up to November 2019 when possible.



Published: 21 November 2019  


This is the 21st annual Landmine Monitor Report. It is the sister publication to the Cluster Munition Monitor Report, first published in November 2010. Landmine Monitor 2019 provides a global overview of efforts over the past 20 years, and up to November 2019 where possible, to implement and universalize the Mine Ban Treaty. Chapters on developments in specific countries and other areas are available in online Country Profiles, found here.

Landmine Monitor covers mine ban policy, use, production, trade, and stockpiling in every country in the world, and also includes information on contamination, clearance, casualties, victim assistance, and support for mine action. Including a 20-year review, the reporting period covered in this report is calendar year 2018, with information included up to November 2019 when possible.

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