Landmine Monitor 2000

Mine Action Funding

Tracking financial support for mine action is still very difficult, despite greater transparency and better reporting mechanisms. Nevertheless, drawing from Landmine Monitor research it is possible to give a representative and informative picture of the global funding situation. In 1999, Landmine Monitor identified $219 million allocated for mine action by seventeen major donors. This is far from a complete global total for mine action spending in 1999, not just because it reflects funding by only seventeen donors.

This total does not include in-kind (as opposed to cash) contributions from some of these donors, nor the substantial in-kind contributions made by other donors. Landmine Monitor has not included funds for research and development into demining technologies and equipment in this total. Also left out of this total is $27.45 million, including $12.4 million in research and development,[48] in mine action funding from the European Community, because in at least some cases the major mine donors reported donations to the EC as part of their domestic mine action spending. Victim assistance funding is included where possible. (All figures are U.S. dollars)

US $63.1 million (FY Oct. 1998 – Sept. 99)[49]

UK $25.7 million (FY April 1999 - March 2000)[50]

Norway $21.7 million

Germany $18.1 million

Canada $15 million

Japan $13.1 million

Sweden $11.5 million

Netherlands $10 million

Australia $8 million (FY July 1999-June 2000)

Italy $7.3 million (FY May 1999-March 2000)

Denmark $7 million

Switzerland $5.8 million

Finland $5 million

France $2.7 million

Belgium $2.3 million

Ireland $1.5 million

Austria $1.25 million

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[48] Converted to US$ by Landmine Monitor, July 2000; See EC Contribution to Appendices of Landmine Monitor Report 1999 and Landmine Monitor Report 2000.
[49] This figure does not include $10 million allocated for the Leahy War Victims Fund in 1999, which includes assistance to mine victims.
[50] About 90% is mine action, the rest on research and development into demining technologies and equipment, and advocacy. Victim assistance is considered part of wider spending and no figures are available for FY 1999-2000.