Victim Assistance Resources

Since 1999, the Monitor has tracked the provision of assistance to landmine and explosive remnants of war (ERW) victims. Collected here are key country profiles, thematic overviews, briefing papers, factsheets, and infographics.

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Briefing papers, fact sheets and infographics

Victim assistance in the context of the CRPD

The Monitor has produced specific reporting on victim assistance in the context of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with disabilities (CRPD) and in other frameworks: 

Equal Basis: Inclusion and Rights in 33 Countries (2015)
Equal Basis: Access and Rights in 33 Countries (2014)
Frameworks for victim assistance (2013)

Special Topics in Victim Assistance

The Monitor Victim Assistance Team produces factsheets and briefing papers on a special topics related to casualties and victim assistance. These factsheets may be related to specific international days or current events:

Frameworks for Victim Assistance (Nov 2018)
Fragile situations, conflict and victim assistance (May 2016
Victim-activated IED casualties (2015, November 2011, June 2011)
Victim assistance and widowhood (2015)
Victim assistance and CRPD Article 11: Situations of risk and humanitarian emergencies (2015)
Landmines/ERW, displacement and refugees (2015, 2013)
The humanitarian impact of anti-vehicle mines (November 2012, April 2012


The Monitor has regularly produced factsheets on the impact of landmines and ERW on children, including reporting on child casualties and age-sensitive victim assistance:

The impact of mines/ERW on children (20192018201720162015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, November 2010, March 2010, 2009)

Convention on Cluster Munitions

Victim Assistance summary in annual Cluster Munition Monitor reports (20192018201720162015, 2014, 2013, 20122011, 2010

The Monitor has released a number of factsheets specifically on casualties and victim assistance related to the Convention on Cluster Munitions:

Victim assistance under the Convention on Cluster Munitions (2015, Infographic)
Victim assistance since entry into force of the Convention on Cluster Munitions (2012)
Victim assistance and the Vientiane Action Plan (2012)
Convention on Cluster Munitions victim assistance reporting (2011)
Cluster munition affected states with responsibility for victims (2010)
Victim assistance coordination in states with cluster munition casualties (2008)

Mine Ban Treaty

Victim Assistance summary in annual Landmine Monitor reports (2018201720162015, 2014, 20132012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999)

The Monitor has released a number of factsheets specifically on victim assistance and casualties in the context of the Mine Ban Treaty: 

Casualties from Landmines & ERW: Gender (Nov 2019)
Mine Ban Treaty Victim Assistance (Nov 2018
Improvised Mines: Casualties (201920182017
Mine Ban Fundings for Victim Assistance 2007-2017 (Nov 2018)
Casualties: Gender 1999-2017 (Nov 2018)
Landmine and ERW Casualties 1999-2016 (2017)
2016-2017 Mine Ban Treaty Victim Assistance - infographic (2017-revised November) 
2015-2016 Mine Ban Treaty Victim Assistance - infographic (2016-revised November)
Physical accessibility for landmine survivors (2013)
Victim assistance and the Cartagena Action Plan (2011)
VA24 progress towards 2005-2009 objectives as of August 2007 (2007)
Landmine/UXO casualties and survivor assistance (2003, Español [2013], 2002, 2001)

Victim Assistance in the Mine Ban Treaty: 15 years on

For the Third Review Conference of the Mine Ban Treaty in June 2014, the Landmine Monitor released a series of regional overviews charting progress since 1999 and an overview of casualty trends over the same time period:

Africa – Victim assistance since 1999 (2014, Français)
Americas – Victim assistance since 1999 (2014, Español)  
Asia – Victim assistance since 1999 (2014)
Europe – Victim assistance since 1999 (2014)
Middle East – Victim assistance since 1999 (2014)
Casualty trends 1999 – 2013 (2014

Data collection and needs assessment

Information on casualty data collection and needs assessment is included in the casualties and victim assistance summaries of the Landmine Monitor and Cluster Munition Monitor reports. Occasionally the monitor has produced fact sheets on these issues:

National casualty and victim assistance surveys (2010)
Casualty data collection (2007, 2006)

Country Profiles

Afghanistan | Albania | Algeria | Angola | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Burundi | Cambodia | Chad | Colombia | CroatiaDemocratic Republic of the Congo |  El Salvador | Eritrea | Ethiopia | Guinea-Bissau | Iraq | Jordan | Lao PDR | Lebanon | Mozambique | Nicaragua | PalestinePeru | Senegal | Serbia | Somalia | South Sudan | Sri LankaSudan | Tajikistan | Thailand | Turkey | Uganda | Yemen | Zimbabwe

Visit our country profile page for additional information on these and other countries whose citizens have suffered due to landmines, cluster munitions, and explosive remnants of war.