Landmine Monitor 2000

Published in August 2000, this report was presented to the Second Meeting of States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty in Geneva, Switzerland in September 2000. Click to view.

Published: August 2000

Landmine Monitor Report 2000 is the second annual report. This along with the previous 1999 report have been presented to the the annual meeting of States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty. Landmine Monitor 2000 provides a global overview of the landmine situation. Chapters on developments in specific countries and other areas are available in online Country Profiles, found here.

Landmine Monitor Report 2000 contains information on every country of the world with respect to landmine ban policy, use, production, transfer, stockpiling, mine clearance, mine awareness, and survivor assistance. Thus, the Monitor does not only report on States Parties and their treaty obligations, it also looks at signatory states and non-signatories as well.

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