How many stockpiled cluster munitions have been destroyed and how many remain?

The Monitor estimates that prior to the start of the global effort to ban cluster munitions, 91 countries stockpiled millions of cluster munitions containing more than one billion submunitions. At least 30 of these countries have now destroyed their stockpiled cluster munitions, while 13 States Parties to the convention still have stocks to destroy.

A total of 41 States Parties have stockpiled cluster munitions at some point in time, of which 28 have completed destruction of their stocks, destroying a collective total of nearly 1.4 million cluster munitions and more than 175 million submunitions. To date, this represents the destruction of 97% of the total stockpiles of cluster munitions and 98% of the total number of submunitions declared by States Parties.

During 2016, three States Parties—Slovakia, Spain, and Switzerland—collectively destroyed 56,171 cluster munitions and nearly 2.8 million submunitions. Another 10 States Parties did not destroy any of their cluster munition stocks in the past year, and several have indicated they will require financial and technical assistance.

No State Party completed the destruction of its cluster munition stocks in the second half of 2016 or first half of 2017. France completed its stockpile destruction in June 2016.

(Last updated based on Cluster Munition Monitor 2017)