How much international funding was provided for mine action in the reporting period and which countries provided funding?

In 2016, 32 donors contributed $479.5 million in international support for mine action in 40 affected states and three other areas, an increase of $85.5 million (22%) from the revised $394 million reported in 2015.

After three years of declining support (a 26% decrease was recorded between 2012 and 2015), total international support provided in 2016 represents the third-highest level of the past decade—after the $498.9 million provided in 2012, and the $480.4 in 2010.

Support Internations Support Graph

In 2016, 25 Mine Ban Treaty States Parties, two states not party, the EU, and four internationalinstitutions10 contributed a total of $479.5 million to mine action.

The majority of the funding came from just a few donors, with the top five donors contributing a total of $335.6 million, or 70% of all international funding for 2016. The US remained the largest mine action donor with $152.1 million and alone provided about one-third of all international mine action support in 2016. The EU ranked second with$73.8 million, or 15% of all contributions, while the next three donors—Japan, Germany, and Norway—provided more than $30 million each. Another 11 donors contributed less than $1million each, compared to 16 in 2015.

Support from States Parties in 2016 accounted for half of all donor funding, with 25countries providing some $246 million. This represents an increase from the $190 million recorded in 2015.

Support Contributions By Donors

(Last updated based on Landmine Monitor 2017)