How many mines, cluster munitions, and other explosives were cleared in 2015/2016?


Total global clearance of landmines in 2015 was estimated to be 171km2, with just more than 156,000 antipersonnel mines destroyed. This represents a decrease from 201km2 of total area cleared in 2014 and a decrease from the destruction of approximately 232,000 antipersonnel mines.

Cluster Munitions

In 2016, at least 88km2 of contaminated land was cleared, with a total of at least 140,000 submunitions destroyed during land release (survey and clearance) operations. However, this estimate is based on incomplete data. It represents a 25% increase on the land cleared and 16% increase on the number of submunitions destroyed in 2015. 

(Last updated based on Landmine Monitor 2016 and Cluster Munition Monitor 2017)