Last updated: 23 January 2018

Casualties Overview

All known casualties by end 2016

9,841 casualties (2,806 killed; 7,033 injured; 2 unknown); estimated at 10,000 in 2006

Casualties in 2016

63 (2015: 54)

2016 casualties by outcome

45 killed; 18 injured (2015: 33 killed; 20 injured 1 unknown)

2016 casualties by device type

14 antivehicle mine; 1 antipersonnel mine; 38 unspecified landmine; 5 explosive remnant of war (ERW); 5 unknown mine/ERW type


In 2016, the Monitor identified 63 casualties from landmines and ERW in the Islamic Republic of Iran.[1]

Men constituted the vast majority of casualties for whom the sex was known (53 of 57, or 92%).[2] There were four casualties among women. At least seven casualties were children, including six boys and one child of unknown sex. This constitutes 18% of the 40 civilian casualties for whom the age was known, which shows a decrease in comparison with 2013. The age of 12 civilian casualties remains unknown.

In 2016, 46 casualties were civilians, 11 were deminers and there were six casualties among security forces.

Monitor data for 2016 was compiled from media scanning and other sources and therefore may not capture the full extent of casualties occurring during the year.

The Monitor identified a total of 9,841 casualties (2,806 killed; 7,033 injured; two unknown) from landmines and ERW in Iran between 1988 and 2016, based on updates to casualty information for previous years.[3] As of 2006, the UN had reported that there had been approximately 10,000 casualties in Iran.[4]

[1] Monitor media monitoring from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016.

[2] There were six casualties with the sex unknown.

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