Cluster Munition Monitor 2016

The following media kit was published on 1 September 2016 to coincide with the release of Cluster Munition Monitor 2016

This is the seventh Cluster Munition Monitor report, the sister publication to the Landmine Monitor report, which has been issued annually since 1999. Cluster Munition Monitor 2016 provides a global overview of efforts to eliminate cluster munitions with a focus on developments in calendar year 2015 with information included into July 2016 where possible. It covers global developments in cluster munition ban policy, survey and clearance of cluster munition remnants, cluster munition casualties, and efforts to guarantee the rights and meet the needs of cluster munition victims. Profiles published online provide additional country-specific findings on these topics.

CMM Report 2016

 For more information or to schedule an interview, contact:

  • Laila Rodriguez Bloch, Media Consultant, Geneva (CEST), Mobile +41-(0)78-593-0720 or email media [at]
  • Jeff Abramson, Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor Program Coordinator, 
    Tel: +1-646-527-5793, email: jeff [at]

Follow the links below to view or download individual media kit documents:

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 Five static maps are available, as are interactive maps (click on "cluster munitions" in the bottom corner of the maps).

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Download the Cluster Munition Monitor 2016 presentation here.

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