Resources for researchers

These pages contain useful information, documents, and links for Landmine and Cluster Munition monitor researchers.

Translate Monitor research products

Researchers and campaigners may be interested in translating a Country Profile, part of Cluster Munition Monitor or Landmine Monitor, or the Media Kits for the release of the two reports. Unfortunately, unlike in some previous years, this year there is no funding or support available to offer translation grants and all translation of Monitor research products would have to be on a voluntary basis.

If you are interested in volunteering to translate any Monitor research products, please email the Monitor at to let us know what portions of the report you would like to translate. You will be informed when documents will be available for translation and they will be sent to you when they are ready. Please note that report contents and media materials are strictly embargoed and must not be shared or cited before their official release dates.

Campaigners and Researchers who volunteer to translate Monitor research products are asked to send translated documents to, so that they can be posted on the Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor website.

If you have any questions about translation, please email: